My Journey

We all have a journey, a story of how we’re getting to, through and beyond college the smart way and how WPCU has helped the process. Check out the stories of some of your classmates below!


Kevin J.          Kevin_J_WSU

Political Science Major & Investigative Studies Minor
WPCU Member Since 2016

Kevin’s Journey :

Kevin is pursuing a major in Political Science and a minor in Investigative Studies. He hopes to someday run for office and would like your vote! He is originally from Columbus, and has family located around the country that he enjoys visiting. Kevin has strong convictions, and appreciates when people go above and beyond to help each other.

Kevin joined the credit union in 2016 and uses Online and Mobile Banking to keep track of his money, including WPCU’s convenient money management tool to track expenses.

According to Kevin –

“What really stands out at WPCU is the people go out of their way to help. I also use EasySaver® which builds up savings quickly, and their Online and Mobile Banking to check my balances and make transfers.”


Mariah S.          Mariah.S

Social Services Major
WPCU Member Since 2017

Mariah’s Journey:

Mariah is majoring in Social Services, and she is heavily involved with the Wright-State University community. Mariah is passionate about getting other students involved in helping the community, along with raising awareness about issues like domestic violence.

Mariah joined the credit union in 2017, and she was able to get her first credit card – a key first step in starting her financial journey.

According to Mariah –

“It’s crucial for students to bank with WPCU because they help you learn about your finances. They have a personal touch, and offer financial tips and advice that other financial institutions don’t.”



Allie T.             Allie T.

Human Resources Management & Management Dual Major
WPCU Member Since 2012

Allie’s Journey :

Allie is pursuing her Bachelor of Science degree in Human Resources Management & Management. She aspires to work in employee relations and to ultimately lead an HR department or become a Human Resources Vice President for an organization. Allie’s a busy bee, taking classes full time, working, volunteering and enjoying horror movies when she has a moment. Allie joined Wright-Patt Credit Union (WPCU) in 2012 and has used her WPCU accounts and Mobile Banking to help manage her money, build her credit and get her first off-campus apartment – without a cosigner! Allie was also awarded a WPCU scholarship. According to Allie –

 “WPCU’s support really stood out to me and made a difference; the scholarship was incredibly helpful! I was able to work fewer hours at my job, so I could focus more on school and club activities; things that will help me reach my goals in the long run!”


Your school, your money your journey - WPCU and Wright State are here for it all!

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