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Scholarships are an excellent way to help offset the cost of your college education – and they’re free!

There are many, many types of scholarships, for almost any interest or skill, including institutional scholarships based on your academic performance, athletic scholarships, and scholarships for students with a special talent.

Some are offered one time, while others are renewable, meaning you can take advantage of them throughout your college career. Many can be applied for at any grade, so even if you aren’t eligible at one point, you could become eligible at a later time.

There are many sources for scholarship matching, including Fastweb, Student Aid, Ohio Higher Ed, and FinAid Scholarships to name just a few. You can also ask for recommendations from your guidance counselor, church, community organizations, and employer. Wright State students also have a great resource in RaiderConnect.

There are some dos and don’ts that will help you succeed when applying for scholarships:

  • Do: Meticulously follow scholarship application instructions
  • Don’t: Miss the deadlines
  • Do: Request excellent reference letters from teachers, volunteer leaders, etc.
  • Don’t: Give up! Keep on applying for as many scholarships as you can
  • Do: Write a strong essay, it matters
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